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Mercer On Mission

Mercer On Mission

Mercer On Mission is an international service-learning experience. It provides students a unique opportunity to understand and engage a culture much different than their own. The programs are situated throughout the developing world, where the challenges of poverty, injustice and limited access to education and health care are enormous. Mercer On Mission teams, consisting of two faculty members and ten to twelve students, partner with local communities and service agencies to provide various forms of humanitarian aid and community development, including building houses, teaching school children, constructing bio-sand water filters, providing prosthetic legs to amputees, producing dramas and running medical clinics. Mercer On Mission is a five-week, summer school program. Two weeks of study on campus are devoted to learning about the country and the service project. Students then spend three weeks abroad, carrying out their service project. Because of Mercer's strong commitment to service, the university pays for all international travel expenses, including air fare, food and lodging. Students consistently describe their Mercer On Mission experience as "life-changing" and "the best thing I have ever done."

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Faculty and Staff Contacts

Dr. Craig McMahan
University Minister and Director of Mercer On Mission
(478) 301-2992