Community Engagement


In my faith, we are taught to love God—that is the greatest commandment. The second greatest is to love our neighbors as ourselves, including those in need, the homeless, people in prison, and the oppressed. We are taught that the ultimate test of our faith is to serve the least of our brothers and sisters. Service is the core of a faith-based university.

William D. Underwood
President Mercer University

Public service and preparation for leadership have been at the heart of Mercer’s mission since its founding 175 years ago. Today, Mercer students have opportunities to serve and become advocates for positive change in literacy and education, health care and wellness, neighborhood revitalization, youth programs, legal advocacy, nonprofit management, disability access, homelessness, family self-sufficiency, elder care, and many other areas of need. Mercer students serve in rural communities, local neighborhoods, city centers, and across the developing world in Kenya, China, Moldova, Guatemala, India, South Africa, Indonesia, and many other nations. The opportunities for making a difference and growing in wisdom are enormous—and an important part of a Mercer education for the Twenty-First Century.