Social Entrepreneurship Program

The Social Entrepreneurship (SEP) program is trans-disciplinary minor offered through the College of Liberal Arts. It is designed to provide students with the values, academic training and skill sets considered necessary for students interested in creating and/or managing two types of public service organizations. Students learn to create either a "business" that puts social or environmental concerns above profit, or they learn to improve the social outcomes of non-profits and/or religious organizations. SEP is an opportunity for students to learn to create innovative projects and programs that make a substantial impact on the problems facing our world today.

In the SEP program learning takes place in classrooms and in private and public community settings, both here and abroad. Students become part of learning communities composed of faculty members from different University divisions, representatives from the world of business, non-profit managers, public leaders and directors of private philanthropies. Students work in teams to create innovative organizations designed to meet the world's toughest challenges (e.g. climate change, extreme poverty, mental and physical health care, economic and environmental stability, resource scarcity, globalization, disability issues). In so doing, students become part of an "incubator" that is designed to create programs that literally change the world.

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Additionally, the Stetson School of Business and Economics offers entrepreneurship as one of eight majors associated with its Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Students in this program may chose to obtain a minor in social entrepreneurship in the College of Liberal Arts.

Faculty Contact

Dr. Thomas J. Glennon
Reg Murphy Professor of Leadership
(478) 301-5379