Institute of Life Purpose

You Have Questions

There are urgent questions that are difficult for us to engage and answer. Such questions are broader and more compelling than choosing an academic major or career. Perhaps the most difficult and compelling questions for a
university student are:

  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • What do I most want to experience and achieve in adulthood?
  • How do I define and articulate my emerging life-dream?
  • What are my unique attributes and greatest abilities?
  • How can I best utilize my university years to actualize my life’s purpose?

Most students desire help and personal counsel when interacting with these dynamics but do not know where to turn for assistance. It is for this reason that the Institute of Life Purpose is now formed at Mercer University.

Your Journey Begins Here

As you read these words, the Institute of Life Purpose is commencing its work.
The Institute will engage Mercer students in the following ways:

Classes and Seminars

Offered through existing programs such as First Year Seminar, Senior Capstone, and new co-curricular classes focused on adult development, biography, career, and service.

New Programs

Such as Service First that enable students to explore their dreams through practical
experience and international service opportunities following graduation.

Individual Counseling

Conversation by students with the Director of the Institute of Life Purpose, Dr. Scott Walker.

For more information

Dr. Scott Walker, director
(478) 301-2471
Religious Life Center